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A beautiful outdoor space surrounding any property plays a significant role in establishing a great first impression and nurtures a welcoming environment for your guests. We know it can be challenging to keep a vibrant, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing residence. That’s why we’re here. With irrigation repair and replacement services in Tucson from Arizona Landscape Maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about your lawn or plant needs again. Rest assured that your lawn, trees, shrubs, accent plants, and cacti remain healthy and that your irrigation system (clock, valves, poly or PVC, and drip lines and emitters) is operating properly for the current season and plant type. Let our talented crew of experienced irrigation repair and replacement technicians in Tucson maintain your irrigation system as part of your regular yard maintenance service.

Service you Can Trust

AZLM happily serves the Tucson area with irrigation services on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Though it may seem more costly to have frequent visits from our team, weekly or bi-weekly service allow us to provide more consistent preventative care while letting us stay on top of the needs of your yard. And, in most cases, the more frequent but shorter we offer is less expensive than a once-a-month or once-a-quarter option from another provider.

When irrigation issues are left unattended, repair or replacement costs of malfunctioning clocks, valves, and damaged PVC or Poly lines rises with every passing day (especially the costs of water when an irrigation system is leaking or a specimen plant if water isn’t running properly). Save time, money, and headache when you work with us on a set landscape maintenance schedule.  A weekly or biweekly visit also allows our crew to spray for weeds, apply pre-emergent, test and fix landscape lighting, and keep your yard beautiful.

The Solution

With a weekly or bi-weekly yard maintenance service plan, including irrigation repair or replacement, Tucson-based AZLM can stay on top of your yard and plant needs to ensure they remain as beautiful as possible. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy an ideal outdoor space while saving the time, money, and energy needed to maintain it. Reach out to us today to set up a schedule that works for you and leave your worries about yard and lawn maintenance in the past. Whether it is irrigation repair or replacement services, Tucson’s AZ Landscape Maintenance looks forward to elevating your yard!

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