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The outdoor space surrounding a building act as the “face” of every residential and commercial property and significantly impacts the overall aesthetic appeal of any location. Though it may look beautiful during daylight hours, property owners don’t enjoy the full extent of their yards if the lighting systems illuminating them are dull or malfunctioning. Fortunately, our trusted team in Tucson specializes in lighting repair and replacement services, in addition to regular yard maintenance provided by Arizona Landscape Maintenance. Our goal is to enable our community members to reap the benefits of their outdoor spaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Service you Can Trust

From burned-out halogen or LED bulbs to faulty lighting wires to burnt-out low-voltage landscape lighting transformers, and everything in between, our lighting maintenance and repair service experts in Tucson can handle any situation your lighting system may face. We specialize in diagnosing and identifying lighting problems that affect your yard, then engineering the most efficient solution to get your yard properly illuminated as quickly as possible. Our job is to keep your outdoor spaces illuminated so they remain safe and are aesthetically pleasing year-round. From lighting maintenance and repair to replacement services, Arizona Landscape Maintenance’s team in Tucson can take care of it.

The Solution

With weekly or biweekly maintenance services from AZLM, you can rest assured that your lighting systems continue to work as intended. As part of our routine maintenance and upkeep, we’ll run diagnostics as part of every visit to ensure everything is running smoothly and to catch problems before they create safety issues. Our team also offers individual visits to tackle sudden lighting problems that can take away from the aesthetic value of your space, cause safety concerns, or intrude on an important evening event. Get in touch with our dedicated team of lighting professionals today and let us provide the regular lighting maintenance that keeps your Tucson property looking professional, day or night, rain or shine.

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