Tucson Spring Fertilization and Pre-Emergent Services

Quality Service

AZ Landscape Maintenance is devoted to providing Tucson the best spring fertilization and pre-emergent services to the homes in our community. Preparing your yard for spring is essential as the winter season draws to a close, and our team is ready to help you cross this task off your to-do list. With our weekly and bi-weekly services, your outdoor space will be all set when spring starts to bloom!

Fertilization Services

As we all know, spring is when outdoor areas begin to thrive, making it the perfect time to give your trees and shrubs the attention it needs. Our spring fertilization services provide your Tucson yard with the care it needs to remain healthy and beautiful. In the spring, our fertilization service helps your yard grow into a vibrant space over the coming months, which also has a lasting impact, a “primer” if you will, into the following year. The fertilizer we use is water soluble and ideal for yards in our dry, Arizona climate. Each maintenance crew has the materials, equipment, and know-how to ensure your trees and shrubs receive the proper nutrients. When you work with us, trust that your yard will be in the hands of skilled landscaping professionals.

Stop Weeds Before They Grow

Weeds are a pain to deal with, but fortunately, our pre-emergent services effectively protect your yard when applied throughout the year. Our pre-emergent services are tailored to the Tucson climate, factoring in summer monsoons and late winter/early spring rains.

Typically, our maintenance crews (with customer input) pull large weeds by hand, and use a hula ho to knock down smaller weeds. Based on the time of year, we’ll use Roundup Pro for your Tucson home’s weed removal to ensure weeds are killed, or apply a professional grade granular pre-emergent solution to ensure seeds can’t germinate.

At AZ Landscape Maintenance, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality spring fertilization and weed removal services in the Tucson area. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate for spring fertilization or weed removal services in Tucson. A beautiful outdoor space is only a call away!

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