Covering Specimen Plants to Minimize Freeze-Thaw Damage

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Arizona is well-known for being a hot, dry desert. Though this is true, nighttime in the desert ushers in opposite conditions, often leading to freeze-thaw cycles that can destroy specimen plants and succulents during December and January. Fortunately, AZLM is able to provide tarps, shade cloth, and other winterization materials to help protect your plants during the winter months.

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One of our most sought-after services in Tucson, AZ is winterization and plant protection to minimize freeze-thaw damage. Protecting plants of various sensitivities when frigid temperatures roll through ensures that they are minimally affected by these freezing conditions. From simple measures such as covering your plants with a sheet or utilizing the strengths of a more robust warming lamp system, we’ll evaluate specifically what your yard and plants need to succeed in our local environment. Arizona can be harsh on plants, but with help from AZLM, your plants will be able to thrive regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them. 

The Solution

Keep the specimen pants and succulent cacti looking beautiful year-round by letting Tuscon-based AZLM provide winterization and plant protection. AZLM has the tools and skills necessary to evaluate the level of protection your specimen plants require and will craft and execute the ideal plan to keep your plants in premier shape all year long. Get in touch with us today to schedule an evaluation for your property’s specimen plants and allow us to find the perfect desert landscaping solution.

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